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Tax reformation continues to be big issue

Posted: 12/20/13 06:36

State Senator and Republican Candidate for Governor Charlie Janssen was a member of the tax modernization committee, and said the recommendations fall short of what the people of the state wanted to hear. Janssen vows to offer an alternative plan for the legislature that focuses on tax cuts and spending reductions, and starts with property tax relief. Janssen said he would finalize and release plan details prior to the start of the legislative session in January. 

Nebraska's newest Republican candidate for governor is promising tax reforms similar to the measures championed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Attorney Bryan Slone of Omaha stopped in Omaha and Lincoln on Monday as part of his campaign kickoff. The 56-year-old is a former Reagan administration tax lawyer and staffer for then-U.S. Rep. Hal Daub. Slone says he would push to lower income and property tax rates in Nebraska, and eliminate loopholes. He also promised to expand higher education opportunities for Nebraska students, and invest in small-town infrastructure. Slone is the sixth Republican candidate in the primary race. Each is vying to replace Gov. Dave Heineman, who can't run in 2014 because of term limits.