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Hastings School Board looks ahead to new year

Posted: 01/03/13 08:30

As we head into the new year and look back at 2012, major accomplishments were seen from the Hastings Public School Board. School Board President Jessica Meeske says first and foremost the updates that were made as part of the Hastings Senior High Improvement project saw a brand new science wing, that students will be able to utilize when they return to school today. Secondly Meeske says the one to one laptop computer initiative has seen great success. Meeske says to be able to give every student the tools to make them better students in and out of the classroom is very rewarding. As we look towards 2013, two challenges remain. Meeske says a committee has been formed to begin the process of looking at the elementary facilities, and before spring they hope to begin the process of holding town hall meetings and begin to come up with a plan for their elementary schools. As the legislature convenes this January the board and staff of the district will also be keeping a close eye on state aid, as Meeske says the Hastings Public School District is heavily reliant upon state aid.