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Heineman to release more details about tax changes

Posted: 01/18/13 08:46

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman is expected to release more details about his plan to eliminate the state's individual and corporate income tax. The Republican governor will elaborate on his plans in a Friday morning announcement at the Capitol. Heineman proposed the tax overhaul during his State of the State address to lawmakers. He says his plan would rid the state of both taxes, and make up the difference by ending certain sales-tax exemptions for businesses.

Yesterday, State Senator Amanda McGill moved forward with her commitment to fight human trafficking by introducing a comprehensive bill tackling the problem in a variety of ways.  Abigail Fellows with the Sasa Crisis Center in Hastings says it’s been good to see awareness being raised about this horrific crime. McGill’s bill is a follow up to legislation passed last year, which created the Human Trafficking Task Force.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman says he wants feedback from the agriculture community. Nebraska Farm Bureau Board member Don Benner expressed his concerns noting that farmers benefit from many sales tax exemptions. Benner just returned from the National Farm Bureau conference that was held this week in Nashville, and will be our guest tomarrow morning for Sunrise 60 Close Up.