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Drought still biggest issue in Nebraska

Posted: 01/21/13 08:06

Drought, crop insurance and livestock were several items on the agenda at last week's Farm Bureau Federation convention in Nashville. Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson attended the event and says there was a big focus on government spending. Nelson says provisions for livestock producers were not carried over into the Farm Bill extension and they are struggling right now because of the drought and higher feed costs. That is one issue Farm Bureau members will address with lawmakers as they travels to Washington this week. 

Nebraska farmers using irrigation equipment should check their systems before spring planting season for theft of copper wire. Dodge County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Rathjen says he sees an increase in the reports of copper wire theft. He says thieves steal the copper wire and sell it as scrap metal for a few hundred dollars. Damage to the irrigation systems can run into the thousands of dollars.
Farmer Chuck Folsom, who owns land north of Fremont says four pivots were damaged last spring costing $50,000 to repair. The Omaha man arrested for the theft is awaiting trial after being arrested in Iowa. Rathjen says farmers can use electronic devices that alert property owners and authorities when the wire has been cut.