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Senate debate to be held tonight

Posted: 10/01/12 08:49

The third debate of the Nebraska Senate race will be held tonight. NET News is hosting the debate at their studios in Lincoln and airing it live across the state on NET-HD and NET Radio. Some of the questions asked to Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer will be selected from the NET News election project, “Voter Voices.” Launched in partnership with the Nebraska Library Commission, “Voter Voices” encourages citizens to share their voice on the issues at stake in this year’s election. Patrons at more than 30 libraries across the state have recorded their thoughts on important issues using a simple set-up of a provided web camera and YouTube channel. They also posted “Voter Voices” questions they wanted to have answered by candidates in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race. This debate comes after Kerrey and Fischer held the second debate this past Friday in Omaha. Both campaigns issued press releases afterwards claiming victory for their candidate.