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NSA surveillance receives great scrutiny

Posted: 06/17/13 08:30

Senator Mike Johanns wants to learn more about the federal government's electonic surveillance program. Johanns got a chance to question the National Security Agency head during a Senate hearing, but questions remain. Johanns says he understands the need to protect the country from terrorist attacks. Johanns says he wants to know if the program has bright lines that it will not cross, and invade the privacy of Americans.

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln law professor says the disclosure by a 29-year-old contractor of the government's electronic suveillance program could have serious consequences. Professor Richard Moberly says that while whistle blowers often are held in high esteem, Edward Snowden might not be, because of the sensitivity of what he disclosed. National Security Agency officials say the program has stopped dozens of potential terrorist plots. They add that Snowden's disclosure has made the country less secure.