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Hastings City Council approves budget

Posted: 11/27/12 08:33

The Hastings City Council approved the budget that included an increase in rates for the consumption of water and also an increase in rates for sanitary sewer use. The increase in rates are to prepare for the incoming cost to battle nitrates and uranium in the water. Chairman of the Board Of Public Works George Anderson says they have spent the last 4 years working on the wellhead protection area. The average customer uses about six units, which is about 700 gallons of water a month. The rate for six units will increase from $11.16 to $12.29, an increase of $1.13. Councilman Everett Goebel says the sewer rate increase was put in place due to regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. The City Council and the Board Of Public works are expected to work together sometime in January to plan ways to reduce the nitrates and uranium in the water.